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The easiest way to get your operations centralized

ERPNext serves as the backbone of a business adding strength, transparency, and control to your growing business.

ERPNEXT Core Modules

Everything You Need, in a Complete and Powerful Tool


Manage your cash flow in one place where you can record transactions, summarize reports, and analyze your cash flow and profitability.

HR & Payroll

Retrieve your employee’s data and documents, schedule onboardings and trainings, and keep track of attendance efficiently in one dashboard with ERPNext.


Simplify your production cycle, keep track of material consumption and capacity planning, manage subcontracting, and more.

CRM & Help Desk

Offer better servicing to your clients with an intuitive issue tracker and an integrated knowledge base.

Website Builder

ERPNext comes with a built-in feature to manage your blogs, webpages, and portals’ content.

CRM & Help Desk

Maintain and manage details of your fixed assets, their movement, value adjustment and depreciation.


Organize, schedule, plan and analyze projects with a task-driven approach to streamline team collaboration and accelerate work.

Sales Purchase

Organize, schedule, plan and analyze projects with a task-driven approach to streamline team collaboration and accelerate work.

Production Management

Simplify your production cycle and keep track of your material consumption and capacity planning.

Empowered to Simplify Processess Anywhere You Go

ERPNext Software Made for Every Industry


Simplify product cycles with a multi-level bill of materials to help plan and track production using work orders


Systematize logistics with automated packing slips, delivery trips, auto-reorder, and stock aging report


Streamline retail management, track inventory, customer management, and business profitability reports


Schedule, organize, plan, and analyze projects with a task driven approach that will help streamline project and customer management


Manage patients, practitioner schedules, and their reports with appointments, consultations, procedures, and lab reports


Manage the entire life cycle of a student from admission, enrollment, attendance, and assessment

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Why trust Xurpas Enterprise?

When you purchase your ERP software with Xurpas Enterprise, you pay for the product’s license, a start-to-end guided implementation and training, and help desk support for your users should they need it after their training.


You get a holistic package that includes your preferred ERP software and a remote IT team supporting you in every step of the way. Worth every peso.

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