Google Workspace

Flexible collaboration tools for every work set-up

Whether reporting at the office or working from home, Google Workspace adapts to your needs.

What is Google Workspace?

Investing in a communication and collaboration tool will help your employees work efficiently with their team members, especially in a hybrid or remote work set-up. 

Not one product is perfect, though. The key is understanding which features your team needs the most then finding the best comms+collab tool suited for you.

Powerful apps that offer peace of mind

Google Workspace is built with a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure that ensures any information, identity, application, and device remains safe.

  • Encryption
  • Automatic protection from phishing and malware attacks
  • Streamlined authentication for admins

Scale, adapt, thrive

Meet the future head-on with flexible tools that enable agility and interoperability – across companies, departments, devices, and distances.

  • Shared spaces for virtual, in-person, and hybrid collaboration
  • Simple, intuitive mobile apps
  • Easy offline access

Why trust Xurpas Enterprise?

When you purchase your communication and collaboration tool with Xurpas Enterprise, you pay not only for the product’s license, but also get to benefit from a start-to-end guided implementation and training, and help desk support should you need it after your training.

You get a holistic package that includes your preferred communication and collaboration tool and a remote IT team supporting you in every step of the way. Worth every peso.

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